Toei cup 2020 review!!







-Champion Lobotomy (Jaime joint)

-2nd best speaker Jaime Han 

-9th best speakers Yoshioki Jinzenji 

こんにちは、3年のジェイミーです。2020の新しい大会の東映カップについて書きたいと思います。東映カップは学生限定アジアンスタイル会です。新しい大会を作ることがコミにとって大変だったと思います。まずはorganizing committee にちゃんと感謝の気持ちを伝えたいです。本当にありがとう!

新歓が中止になったらしいので、今回留学生に向いて英語でブログを書きたいと思います。I will write this blog post in English in case English speakers want to find out about debate in Hitotsubashi University. (Hi, I’m Jaime, a third year.) Usually, after every tournament we participate in, someone writes a blog post and this time my juniors asked me to do the honors.

Toei Cup is a new student-only open tournament. Since joint teams were allowed, I teamed up with Tamura and Erika (Ueno) from Keio. Toei Cup was the first tournament I was attending as a debater in about a year. So, I certainly burdened them with my rusty debating skills.

Unfortunately, due Covid19 the tournament was shortened to a one-day tournament. Fortunately, the organizing committee was very resourceful and made adjustments to ensure there would be less risk to participants. It was an interesting experience speaking while wearing a mask but definitely worth the hassle. Since it was a one-day tournament, there were three open rounds and a grand final. With some luck, we were able to break and proceeded to the final and win the tournament.

I would like to thank the teams in Hit-U and the other teams we trained with when preparing for this tournament. (Unfortunately, in the first round we had to face a team from Hitotsubashi.)

I really enjoyed the motions set by the adjudication core this time round. Also, it was refreshing to see different debating styles and teaming up with people you don’t normally get to really helps you grow as debater and identify your shortcomings. I encourage everyone to attend trainings at other institutions or even go for competitions with them if possible.

Aside from the “serious” debating side of things, it was very nice to get to know Erika and Tamura better through preparation for the tournament and the tournament itself. Seeing how the community banded together to deal with the hurdles that came up to organize and run the tournament really reaffirmed my belief that it’s the people you get to know while debating that makes the experience worthwhile.